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One year later: McSally Still Evades Questions on Government Shutdown


Tucson, AZ – Last year, Martha McSally refused to oppose the government shutdown, which risked our economic security and threatened Medicare payments for thousands of Southern Arizonans. Today she still won’t give us a clear answer on what she would have done, but instead tries to run away from her stated Tea Party positions. As Stu Rothenberg put it, “I shouldn’t have to guess, and McSally’s refusal to give an answer raises some disquieting questions about her and her campaign.” Read More >>>

McSally Proposes “Do-Nothing” Plan for College Costs


Tucson, AZ – Despite her empty campaign talk about leadership and problem solving, Martha McSally promises to do nothing to address the rising cost of college. At a debate held at Vail High School, McSally responded to a question about the rising cost of college by saying, “I would propose no legislation in order to address these rising costs.” Read More >>>