Campaign News

More Than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans Endorse Ron Barber; Republican Leaders Stand With Ron at Kick Off of Southern Arizona Values Tour


Tucson, AZ – Today more than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans endorsed Ron Barber as the best leader to represent Arizona’s Second Congressional District, including former elected officials, business owners, and veterans. Republican leaders stood with Ron Barber this afternoon at the launch of his 2014 Southern Arizona Values Tour at his campaign headquarters in Tucson. Read More >>>

Barber Campaign Memo: McSally is Out of Step with Southern Arizona


Tucson, AZ — Third time candidate Martha McSally has been running for office for more than two and half years, wooing tea party voters with a hardcore right-wing agenda that will damage the ability of middle class families in Southern Arizona to make ends meet and improve their situation. Today, Ron Barber for Congress released a memo outlining McSally’s positions on the issues. Read More >>>

Ron Barber for Congress Releases Third Ad: “Border”


Tucson, AZ — As Southern Arizonans head to the polls today, Ron Barber for Congress released its third ad, titled “Border.” The 30-second ad describes Ron Barber’s unfettered commitment to securing the border and announces the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544′s endorsement of Barber. A copy of the endorsement letter can be seen here. Read More >>>

Martha McSally Rejects Southern Arizona Values; Pushes Anti-Middle Class Agenda


Tucson, AZ — Despite Martha McSally’s attempts to dodge questions at all costs, Southern Arizonans see beyond her talking points and empty campaign slogans. McSally’s anti-middle class agenda, which includes raising taxes on middle class families, cutting Medicare and Social Security, and gutting funding for Arizona schools, is out of step with Southern Arizona values and no amount of East Coast campaign glitz can hide it. Read More >>>

ICYMI: Greenwire reports on Ron’s fight to create solar jobs


Tucson, AZ — This week, Greenwire’s Jennifer Yachnin, reports on Ron’s work to create more jobs in Southern Arizona, specifically by investing in the solar industry. Yachnin highlights Ron’s longtime commitment to our community while calling out his opponent for her “refusal to take a position on whether she would have supported the compromise deal that raised the nation’s debt ceiling and ended the 2013 federal government shutdown.” The story also criticizes McSally for avoiding the press, saying, “McSally’s campaign did not respond to repeated requests for an interview with Greenwire.” The full story is below. Read More >>>