Standing Up For The Middle Class – Jobs And The Economy
I have worked my whole life in Southern Arizona.  My wife and I ran a small business for 22 years, and now our children are raising their families here as well.  That’s why making sure that our economy improves and provides good jobs is my top priority. We can’t have a thriving America without a thriving middle class.  Read more >>>

Fiscal Responsibility
Getting our nation’s finances under control is critically important. We can do it—but only if we also focus on growing our economy. That is why I support a balanced approach that includes spending cuts as well as making sure that the rich and corporations pay their fair share.  Read more >>>

Social Security and Medicare

I have pledged to protect Social Security and Medicare, and make sure that it is available to future generations. Millions of Americans have paid into Social Security and Medicare expecting that it would be there when they retired. For many Americans, this is their only source of income and health care security in their senior years–and they deserve representatives who will fight to make sure its there for them.  Read more >>>

Border Security

Southern Arizonans who live near our border with Mexico deserve the same safety and security as every American. I have spent countless hours along our border meeting with residents, business owners, and law enforcement officials, and I know what we need to get the job done.  Read more >>>

Military and Veterans
I was raised in a military family and lived on Davis-Monthan Air Force base, so I understand what our military families sacrifice when they serve. I will be a strong voice in Congress for those who serve currently and have served.  Read more >>>

Personal Liberty
Some politicians just say they support the Second Amendment, but I support all of them. Our constitution lays out our freedoms, and I will fight in Congress to protect those freedoms.  Read more >>>