Standing Up For The Middle Class – Jobs and the Economy

“This tough economy has had a disproportional impact on middle class families – and especially the middle class here in Southern Arizona.  We need to work to rebuild it. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we can’t have a thriving America without a thriving middle class. That’s why providing good jobs to Southern Arizona’s families and growing our economy is my top priority.”

– Congressman Ron Barber

Ron understands that growing Southern Arizona’s economy and the country’s as a whole shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We all have a stake in Southern Arizona’s future, and no one political party has a monopoly on the ideas it will take to create broad prosperity and opportunity today and for our children.

Since joining Congress, Ron has worked to create jobs, expand our economy, and position our state’s workers and businesses to compete and succeed in the decades ahead. He has kept his promises to fight for middle class families in Southern Arizona. This includes:

  • Voting to extend tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year in order to preserve tax relief for middle class and military families;
  • Voting against more tax cuts for the richest Americans;
  • Supporting bipartisan legislation that creates infrastructure jobs in Arizona and will help put people back to work and also prevents student loan rates from doubling; and,
  • Voting for legislation that keeps student loan interest rates from doubling – allowing a new generation to get the education they need to compete in the 21st century economy.

Ron is running because he wants to keep fighting for Southern Arizona’s economy.

He believes that:

Fighting for the middle class isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s good economic policy. The middle class is the primary driver of prosperity for all Americans. Policies that make it possible for a billionaire’s secretary to pay a higher tax rate than her boss are just not right. Everyone should pay their fair share. Policies that allow low taxes and maximum opportunity keep more money in more pockets, businesses growing, and Arizonans working.

Government policies should encourage job creation, not get in its way. We should eliminate unneeded regulations on energy, transportation and other projects, and streamline permit approvals so economic growth is never held up by red tape. But this can’t happen until Democrats and Republicans put aside opportunities to score cheap political points and instead work together to craft smart policies for American businesses.

We must focus on small businesses. Small businesses create the lion’s share of the new jobs in America. Ron and his wife Nancy owned and operated a small business for 22 years, so he knows what it takes for local businesses to succeed, grow and create good jobs. Ron will continue to work to cut red tape, regulations and tax policies that hold back our businesses. He will keep pushing to expand the solar, bioscience and high tech industries, which create high paying jobs in our community. We must also understand that one of the keys to improving our Southern Arizona economy is strengthening home values. That means more home construction and more real estate transactions – two things that are the lifeblood of Southern Arizona’s economy.

Arizona, Arizona, Arizona. Southern Arizona’s voice in Congress must focus primarily on Southern Arizona’s economy.  That’s why Ron will continue to focus on:

  • National Defense: A primary driver of our Southern Arizona economy is our region’s military installations. Ron worked hard as Congresswoman Giffords’ district director to protect the missions at Davis-Monthan, Fort Huachuca, and the 162nd Fighter Wing of the Arizona Air National Guard Fighter Wing. From saving D-M’s air operational command center and the maintenance squadron at the 162nd, Ron knows what it takes to keep Arizonans employed serving our national defense.
  • Solar Power: Arizona can and should be a global leader in the growing solar industry. Ron will continue to work to make Southern Arizona a leader in solar power generation, manufacturing, investment and jobs. Arizona’s solar industry has created nearly 5,000 jobs. Tens of thousands more jobs are possible if we focus on policies that support the growing solar industry.
  • The University of Arizona: From transitioning veterans off the battlefield and into rewarding careers, to fostering the technologies that will keep our borders secure and country safe, to developing innovative technologies in solar, biotech and high tech, the University of Arizona is key a driver of Southern Arizona’s economy. It’s also central to the future competiveness of our region’s economy.  Ron will continue to work to expand investments in research and development at the UA and ensure it has the support it needs so it can turn innovations in the lab into businesses and products.